Documents & dealing with them is a hassle even in our day to day lives. We often experience a situation when we just can’t retrieve a particular document when we need it the most.10Fingers Has initiated a unique digitization drive called "Digitize Your Briefcase". Under this initiative the 10 FS team sets up shop at community living societies, clubs, office buildings etc. where a large number of people can come with their priceless documents and get them digitized in a safe & secure way. This facility is keenly used particularly for old & critical documents like property papers, Wills, Partnership deed, Passport, Death Certificates, School Living Certificate, Birth Certificate etc. Copies of most of these documents are required on a daily basis hence one can easily provide a soft copy or even take a print out where the original is not required in order to protect the original from further deterioration. Going Forward 10Fingers plans to tie-up with the hospitals in particular so that patients with chronic illness can have their files in order and also create a backup of the OPD files in case of urgent requirement.


" This is to certify that 10Fingers Solutions successfully completed the work of digitization of our rare books published before 1950 which includes Scanning, Image corrections, OCR and Bookmarking. The nature of work was completed within the stipulated time by 10Fingers Solutions."

- Dr Nishtha AnillKumar,PRL