Records Consultancy

The team at 10Fingers has a unique mix of members with expertise in Compliance, Execution & Technology which enables us to advise on the most optimal solutions. While interacting with various clients we have experienced that each client is poised with a unique set of problems. Many organizations have the required infrastructure but are unable to implement a effective Records Management Program. 10Fingers provides effective & result oriented consultancy services which not only suggests but also implements the Internal Records Management program at Client’s site.

How it works

Understanding of Process & Objectives

10Fingers experts will study in detail on your current methods of Record, Document and Workflow Management practices. We will also understand on what are your main objectives which you would want to achieve.

Process Redesigning

We will utilize our extensive experience, know how & will suggest on how best to redesign your process and make sure they are in line with achieveing your objectives. 10Fingers recognizes the challenge of changing set processes and hence builds Solutions which can easily blend within the current setup. We will also identify & recommend if any enhancement in technology is required by the organisation.

Focus on Implementation

10fingers will work very closely with the client towards successful implementation of suggested in house records management program in order to ensure that the client’s records related objectives are met.