Certified Records Destruction

As a part of 10Fingers’s go green initiative 10Fingers ensures Document shredding is done in a ethical & environment friendly manner. Upon receiving your request 10Fingers persons collect and safely transport the sensitive refuse to a secure 10Fingers document destruction centre. 10Fingers use industrial scale shredders. Powerful metal rollers crush and shred simultaneously. Unlike standard shredders they destroy documents, CDs and discs 100%. For complete accountability, you receive a certificate.Going forward 10Fingers aims at tying up with paper mills directly and provide the shredded material and get it converted to fresh paper to be given back to clients.


  • Helps Aligns organizations with its Go Green Initiatives
  • Certification of Destruction creates a audit trail which is useful going forward
  • Ensures Compliance with Rules & Regulations
  • Completely confidential & reliable process
  • Cost of storage of unwanted documents is eliminated