Document Management System

What actually is document management software? Well in a nutshell, it’s a way for teams and/or businesses to share, store, search and edit documents digitally. More and more businesses are turning to document management software to help boost productivity and reduce costs. Additionally, there’s a push by lawmakers in both the US and UK for legislation that requires files and documents to be stored digitally rather than the traditional way – paper – and in many sectors, these rules and regulations are already intact. For instance, many medical facilities are being required to store digital copies of their files in addition to traditional paper copies in an effort to slowly make the transition to paperless in the near future. The reason for this is simple, digitally storing and sharing documents is safer and keeps sensitive information protected from unauthorized users more effectively through multiple layers of security. Furthermore, it helps to reduce paper waste, making it a very eco-friendly solution.

Web based architecture

10FSdms is architected on web technology. This allows user to access the documents from anywhere using web browser. Client is not required to install any software on the local machine. The application is hosted on a secured centrally located web server.

Flexible cabinet definition

10FSdms allows administrator to define the cabinet structure in a tree format as per need of the organization. The files can be stored in any cabinet. The naming convention of the file is designed as per the structure of the cabinet, so that it can easily be recognized.


10FSdms provides two level of security. First level of security is to access various options in the application while second level of security is defined at folder (cabinet) level. The documents are further secured with granular permission on the folder such as add, edit, query and read. This ensures that even confidential document can be kept in the DMS.

Document Upload & Approval Workflow

The document can either be uploaded in offline mode or through workflow. Each document is associated with set of attributes and keywords. The workflow can be used for reviewing the draft or approving the document. The intermediate document will not be visible to others until it is finally approved.

Version Control

Multiple version of document can be stored in 10FSdms and any previous version can be retrieved from the repository.

Document Search

The document search is very flexible. A user can search the document on any attribute or a combination of the attributes by entering even partial value of the attribute. Search result will automatically filter the document based on your access rights. Therefore confidential documents will not be displayed in the search result until access right is given to the user.

Document can also be accessed directly from the tree view of the folder.

Master data Management

All common masters are accessible from a single menu. This makes system very neat and clean.

User Management

Users are linked with their direct superior, so that hierarchy can be used for approval purpose. The access control is defined based on the roles and roles are assigned to the user. The permission is defined on role level instead of each and every user level.


Various MIS reports and charts are provided to analyze the document storage pattern and activities related to document retrivel and storage.


A separate facility is provided for internal communication similar to the email. User can store the address book of the users and send & receive email though the inbox feature.

Ticket management

The product is extended to even handle the tickets. Anyone can raise the ticket and assign it to the concerned user. The attachment can also be uploaded along with the ticket. All action of the ticket are recorded and tracked.

Inward/Outward Letters

Inward and outward is a feature to keep details of the communication via post. It captures details of the post such as sender, receiver, subject, type etc. The letter can be searched based on various attribute and located on a specific file.