E-Governance Solutions

  • Today , E-governance is all about bringing a change, transparent in transactions and reducing the wait time for approvals and clearances.
  • Moving from traditional operating model to an e-enabled model calls for wide ranging chances to be made at operational levels.
  • 10Fingers E-Governance initiatives needs external agencies to participate, making government departments to work with private players is the first hurdle to cross.

10Fingers Initiatives for e-Governance

  • E-Nagarpalika
  • Soil Health Card projects
  • E-Medical Records
  • Manuscripts and Archives Cataloging

Web Development Projects

10Fingers expertises on PHP Development Projects

PHP is a cutting-edge programming language that allows robust and powerful website development. The potent web development framework is a free, open source technology that comes packed with rich features, scalability and robustness for programming intuitive and user-friendly web applications. All major web applications, B2B, B2C, and ecommerce websites are currently designed only with PHP scripting language.

10Fingers harnesses quintessential potentials of PHP technology to develop websites and applications.

Why choose 10Fingers ?

  • Vast experience and in-depth knowledge in PHP scripting language; regularly updates itself to the latest versions with our mentor team
  • Harnesses diverse potentials and flexibility of PHP language to design and develop cutting-edge website applications
  • World-class PHP-based web applications that are robust, scalable, and user-friendly
  • Fast turnaround and competitive prices


  • Wide Acceptibility We have the most widely used programming languages for developing robust and custom websites and software.
  • Content Management Seamlessly add, delete or edit website content in a hassle-free manner. PHP language integrates Content Management System for effective results.
  • Broad Applications PHP can be effectively used for client GUI applications, command line, ecommerce websites, and B2B or B2C applications.