One of most important characteristics of 10Fingers Integrations with ERP systems is that they are built on single comprehensive database to share information across the enterprise

10Fingers Integrations of its DMS ( Document Management System ) covers all your information needs and there are no external systems or applications in place or planned, Integrations would not be concerned.

Approach :

10Fingers Approaches to any Integrations i.e CRM, MES Integrations, WMS, SAP or Oracle etc) in order of following ways :

  • Single Source - We buy CRM from our business partner that provides , it is likely that full integration is built in.
  • Pre-Integrated - We find a (third-party) CRM supplier who has already developed an integration with your brand and we develop new version of ERP.
  • Middleware - Integration can be accomplished through middleware toolsets, using SOA and Web Services design. This approach of 10Fingers is most beneficial when there a number of integrations to be built and maintained since the tools can be expensive.
  • Custom Programming - It is best suited for one-to-one integration projects. Relatively expensive. Take the longest to build and test. 10fingers team are often less comprehensive than other approaches because the links are all hand-built and our team are hands on ready for any such customized solutions.