Physical Records Management

Record management is a science. A Science of managing one of the most important assets of a organization – its records. There is a wealth of important documents that a organization needs to keep for adherence to both internal as well as compliance requirements

10Fingers houses a state of the art record center which ensures storage of client records in a secure and scientific way. 10Fingers offers record management services that are focused to optimize the operating costs incurred in the storage and maintenance of document records in large organizations. . Although documents can be stored internally there are a lot more advantages of outsourcing this function to 10Fingers.

Cataloging and Packing

10Fingers’s efficient representatives will assist the client to identify, sort, pack and catalogue the documents in specially designed 10Fingers boxes.

Collection, document indexing and Inventory

Client’s documents and files are securely collected and transported for safe storage. A unique indexing is captured in 10Fingers database for efficient identification. The boxes are stored in specially designed cross angled racks while taking into consideration all safety measures against any natural calamities like Flood and Fire.


10Fingers uses the most advanced and unique mix of barcode and RFID technology linked to a proprietary software developed in house in order to facilitate efficient identification and retrieval. 10Fingers provides a secure web access so that the client can actually locate a file remotely.

Delivery Models

10Fingers ensures a efficient and timely delivery of records to clients. Each movement of record is closely monitored and tracked so as to eliminate inefficiencies. 10Fingers offers both physical as well as digital delivery depending upon the client’s requirements.

Key Benefits
  • Optimization of costly work space
  • Reduces manpower cost
  • Prevents documents loss
  • Confidential and secure
  • Efficient retrieval
  • On time delivery
  • Ensures compliance
The Facility

10Fingers's state of the art facilities are committed to providing maximum security to client Records with 24/7 security, access control, CCTV and other advanced technologies. Also, 10Fingers employs proactive prevention measures supported by infrastructure like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. 10Fingers ensures that the warehouse building and the racking systems are raised to above flood level to prevent any loss due to natural disaster. 10Fingers uses the most effective pest control systems so as to protect records from pests and rodents.

  • Web based file tracking system
  • Cloud based retrieving
  • Authorization rights
  • Ease of Use and configurable
  • In-house developed software
  • 24*7 easily access
  • Document Delivery system
  • E-Retrievals
  • Quick Query
  • Barcode Printing
  • Pick up request on a single click
  • Email support
  • Secured Data Storage
  • Auto Indexing and many more.