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ARODOC: Leading Document Management Software.

AroDoc the Cloud Based Management Software is trusted by Accountants, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Legal Teams and Governments.

Experience Seamless Document Management with ARODOC

AroDoc is an advanced document management system designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. With AroDoc, you can easily digitize, store, organize, and retrieve all your important documents in one secure and accessible platform. Whether you’re managing legal files, financial records, or medical documents, AroDoc simplifies the process with intuitive features and robust security measures. Say goodbye to the hassles of paper documents and enjoy the efficiency of digital management with AroDoc.

Lets divide it to multiple sections and detail the description for layman to understand.

Web based architecture
· Access documents from anywhere using a web browser. · No need to install any software locally. · Hosted on a secure central web server or cloud.
Flexible Cabinet Definition
–  Define cabinet structure in a tree format as per your organization’s needs. –  Store files in any cabinet with an easy-to-recognize naming convention.
– Two levels of security: access control within the application and at the folder level. – Granular permissions for adding, editing, querying, and reading documents. – Ensures confidential document protection.
Document Upload & Approval Workflow
  – Upload documents offline or through a workflow. – Associate documents with attributes and keywords. – Use workflow for reviewing drafts or approving documents. – Intermediate documents remain hidden until final approval.
Version Control
  – Store multiple versions of documents. – Retrieve any previous version from the repository.
Document Search
  – Flexible search on any attribute or combination of attributes. – Search results filter based on access rights. – Access documents directly from the tree view of the folder.
Master data Management
  – Access all common masters from a single menu. – Keeps the system neat and organized.
User Management
  – Link users with their direct superior for hierarchical approvals. – Define access control based on roles. – Assign roles to users with permissions set at the role level.
  – Various MIS reports and charts to analyze document storage and retrieval activities.
  – Internal communication feature similar to email. – Store user address books and send/receive emails.
Ticket Management
– Handle tickets by raising and assigning them to concerned users. – Upload attachments with tickets. – Track all ticket actions and records.
Inward/Outward Letters
  – Keep details of communication via post. – Capture sender, receiver, subject, type, etc. – Search and locate letters based on various attributes