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more Than 600 Million Pages.

We @ 10fingersolutions have digitized more than 600,000,000 pages in various aspects of the industry.

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Saving Indian Heritage!
The invaluable heritage of India in the form of manuscripts has to be documented, preserved and made accessible to the various stakeholders.

Heritage Records Management

The vast manuscript wealth of India contains the ‘memory of the world’. India possesses more than an estimated five million manuscripts, making her the largest repository of manuscript wealth in the world. In India, over thousands of years, manuscripts have been written in a vast number of languages and each in itself embodies her history. Manuscripts are generally found on materials such as birch, palm leaf, handmade paper and cloth that require specialized care and conservation. (Source NMM)

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Documents & dealing with them is a hassle even in our day to day lives. We often experience a situation when we just can’t retrieve a particular document when we need it the most.

Cloud Solution
Cloud Solution