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AWS Data Storage Services


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AWS Storage Solutions

10 Fingers Solutions PVT LTD boasts extensive expertise in assisting clients in efficiently managing their data within the AWS Cloud, ensuring smooth integration between their cloud and on-site systems to guarantee business operations continue uninterrupted. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we utilize cloud storage offerings and services that have been approved by the AWS Partner Competency Program, covering areas such as backup, cloud NAS, archiving, disaster recovery, and file transfer. Reach out to us to discover how we can help you secure your data in AWS.


Leverage Amazon S3 for data backup solutions


Leverage Amazon Glacier for cost-effective long-term data backup

Main Storage

Data formats for files, blocks, objects, and streams, stored on-site

Multiple AWS Competencies


Extensive expertise in guiding companies through the entire process of transitioning to AWS, including all stages of intricate migration projects, from initial exploration to planning, execution, and ongoing management.

Data and Analytics

Achieved success in assisting clients in assessing and applying the methods, strategies, and technologies for efficient data product development, across various levels.


Showcased achievement in assisting clients in assessing and applying methods and tools for efficiently storing information in the AWS Cloud.


Achieved success in creating solutions that assist healthcare organizations and payers in securely storing, processing, sending, and examining clinical data.


Exhibited knowledge and strategies in the field that are in harmony with AWS top standards for instruction and education, management, and scholarly investigations in the educational sector.

SaaS Competency

Showcased technical skills and achieved success in assisting clients in creating and developing Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-native applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Machine Learning Competency

Offered answers that assist companies in addressing their data problems, support the processes of machine learning and data science, and provide Software as a Service (SaaS) functionalities that improve applications with artificial intelligence.

Retail Competency

Offered answers in the retail sector through areas like customer interaction, corporate merchandise and strategy, supply chain and distribution, in-store, online, and virtual retail, sophisticated retail analytics, and fundamental retail business software.