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Sectors We Serve

We serve multiple verticals in various aspects of the industry.


Health Care

The Healthcare sector generates a lot of critical records. The Pharmaceutical companies are highly regulated and are mainly operating in a highly regulated environment of developed countries. Research records generated are mostly based on years of patient history as well as large amounts of investments which organizations have to make which make them extremely important. Moreover for the medical profession Patient records are critical and it is important to manage them efficiently.

  • IPD/OPD patient files
  • Research records
  • General & Administrative records
  • Crucial Manufacturing & Process flow records for CROs

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The Engineering sector generates a lot of records and that too in different sizes. Maps and Diagrams as well as layout documents are much larger in size and need to managed carefully. Moreover they need to be retained indefinitely.


Large Sized design maps


Guarantee/Warranty Documents


Crucial records are generated by the Logistics sector and it is essential for all types of records to be efficiently retrieved. Moreover a lot of international movement of goods is backed by very important critical documents which need to be managed in such a way that retrieval is made efficiently.

  • Export / Import related Documents
  • Clearing & LC Documents
  • General & Administrative Documents


The generation of records in the BFSI sector is possibly the maximum. With regulations becoming extremely stringent and the need of each transaction to be backed by documentary evidence records is often a hassle for the sector and becomes a critical function to manage.

  • Account Opening Forms
  • KYC Documents
  • Deposit Documents
  • Loan Documents (with appropriate collateral)
  • General & Administrative Documents
  • Crucial Policy Documents
  • Distribution network records
  • Claims processing Documents

Heritage Institutions/Trust

The records of Heritage Institutions are priceless as most of these are many years old and impossible to recreate. It is extremely important for the benefit of all the stakeholders that these are carefully managed.

  • Rare & Priceless Manuscripts
  • Old books in brittle state
  • Legal & Administrative Documents
  • Property & Asset records


The Telecom sector is regulated and no new connections be it prepaid or post paid are given without valid ID proof & documentation of person in whose name number is registered.

  • Client Application Form for Pre-Paid & Post Paid connections
  • General & Process Flow documents
  • Tower Sharing documents