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Physical Records Management

Record management is a science
We houses a state of the art record center
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Project Management

Over the years we have delivered speedy, seamless, & high-quality data digitization services.

The Approach

Our team of experts will visit your current archives & will conduct a complete study & analysis.

OCR and Indexing

The OCR process uses three separate OCR engines and digitally compares the output of each engine.
Our Data Centers
A Brief Intro To The Whole Process
Here we will be providing the whole process in simple but clearly understandable way so that you get the real process flow.
The Process:

Document Scanning, Document Capture and Management are some of the Digitization services that 10Fingers offers. 10Fingers performs the scanning, indexing, Document Conversion and Data Capture either Off Site or On Site for clients looking for Digitization of records. We have a wide range of high end scanners and digital cameras for your work which means we can offer a range of options on image capture and price.

For hard bound material, we have a suite of book scanners that produce outstanding images either as double page spreads or single pages. We can also capture fragile books at 120° opening. For robust documents, or print material that can be dis-bound, our fast ADF production scanners are a very affordable way to convert collections for online access and digital reuse. 10Fingers’s extensive and large scale technical and project management expertise has made it one of the fastest growing players within the records management industry.

Our Achievement:

Today 10Fingers handles millions of documents and images under its Digitization vertical which cover documents, drawings, newspapers, books, Microfilm Scanning, Microfiche Scanning and Aperture Cards & forms processing.

We are enabling number of clients to move towards Paperless Offices and an organized Electronic Archive System in different formats such as PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPG and other retrieval enhance tools like OCR and ICR.

Project Management:

Over many years, we have delivered speedy, seamless, and high-quality data digitization services to organizations across various industries, enabling them to extract and convert data from any source—digital, typed, or handwritten.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology and the technical expertise of our team to offer the entire gamut of scanning & digitization and value-added services:

10Fingers implements Project Management strategies and excels at planning, implementing, operating and scaling digitisation solutions at greater level.


The 10Fingers team of experts will visit your current archives and will conduct a complete study and analysis of the volumes, types, needs and technical details of the project.

Project Setup Onsite/Off-site:

A project team will implement and share with you the Workflow Management Systems, train and lead the project to successful implementation.

Document Conversion:

Document conversion includes properly identifying (indexing) the images:

The Process:
  • Barcodes
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Forms Processing
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR
The Output / End results:
  • Integration with clients own systems if available

The team will then manage and deliver all electronic records to 10Fingers’s supplied Document Management System or integrate with your existing one.

10Fingers will deliver as per the client’s requirements:
Secure FTP, External Hard, Disk, CD or DVD:
OCR and Indexing:

10Fingers has established an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process that uses three separate OCR engines and digitally compares the output of each engine to create a digital text file of very high accuracy.
10Fingers uses a sophisticated data entry process to extract data. We index using XML and ADOBE technologies for efficient document search and retrieval.
We offer indexing services in many languages – English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and the Nordic languages. Not only can we convert printed and handwritten information, scanned images and microfilms into data, but we can also execute indexing as well as online entry directly onto your servers.
We offer data capture services from printed and handwritten sources, such as paper, scanned images and microfilms.
We can also perform offline indexing as well as online entry directly onto your servers.
We have numerous levels of data accuracy and processes to guarantee accuracy: